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The audience of digital outdoor is mobile, traveling at 60 mph and reaching the customer’s attention for only a few seconds. Because of the exposure time, designing for digital outdoor requires a creative approach. At Skyhawk Outdoor, we can help you develop the right message for your targeted audience.


  • Avoid using too many colors
  • Red and Green colors vibrate
  • Complex backgrounds will reduce legibility.
  • Too much text will have less impact.
  • Display fonts and thin script fonts are difficult to read.
  • Try to use, at the most, 2 fonts.


  • Using bold and bright text over backgrounds is more readable.
  • Simple and short messages work better with a background image.
  • Fonts are more legible with good contrast.
  • Drop shadows can help contract against the background.


  • Text with little contract to the background will lose readability.
  • Complex backgrounds can cause illegibility as well.


  • Simple ads with company logo can build brand recognition.
  • Good color contrast increases readability
  • Minimizing your text will have more impact.


  • Small text is unreadable.
  • Using multiple taglines will lose impact
  • Avoid using 100% white backgrounds.


  • Larger text is more readable.
  • Adding some color makes the ad more readable and attractive.
  • Simple ads with company logo can build brand recognition.

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